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Tell me these elements to help me craft a story for you Theme and Moral: Clearly outline the theme of the story and any moral or lesson you wish to convey. This helps in creating a story with purpose and direction. Setting: Describe the setting in vivid detail. Whether it's a magical forest, a bustling city, or a distant planet, the setting forms the backdrop against which your story unfolds. Characters: Introduce your main characters, including their names, appearances, personalities, and any unique traits. Remember that children love characters they can relate to or learn from. Plot: Outline the basic plot, including the problem or conflict the characters must solve, key events, and the resolution. Keep it simple and engaging. Language and Tone: Specify the language complexity and tone of the story. Children's books often feature simple sentences, a playful tone, and repetitive phrases to aid learning and retention. Target Age Group: Mention the target age group for your book. This affects the story's complexity, themes, and language level. Cultural or Diverse Elements: If you wish to incorporate specific cultural, diverse, or inclusive elements, outline these to ensure the story reflects a broad and inclusive world view.
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